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Influence your Way to Financial Freedom. 

We are the #1 community for influencers. Our mission is to help nano, micro, and mega-influencers level up, connect with brands, leverage their audiences, expand their knowledge, and network with like-minded creators. Join iINFLUENCED and watch how the power of community will help you gain more followers, increase engagement, and earn next level income for showing up to do what you love. 

Brand Partnerships
Curated Exclusively for Members
Exclusive Brand Partnerships for Members Worth over $200 Dollars
Members are guaranteed at least 4 sponsored brand deals a year to help put our influencers on the map, gain credibility and connect with national brands. 

Upon joining, members are pre-approved for the Luxury Hotel Collection Brand National campaign which includes $200 worth of products where they can earn $10 for every sale!
Lifestyle Box 
Receive Products to Test, Enjoy & Share
Receive Products to Test, Enjoy, & Share
Receive our iINFLUENCED Lifestyle Box with products to promote, earn money or simply enjoy. Our team curates each box with 5 lifestyle products that we know our members will love. 

The box is delivered to all active members after 2 months. Our next box ships November 2021. Secure your Lifestyle Box by joining today and receive up to 6 boxes annually with an active membership subscription.
Members-Only Access
Exclusive Network for Social Marketing Influencer Tips, Tricks and Master Class Videos
Access to our exclusive iINFLUENCED community to connect with coaches, guest speakers and fellow members. Post, share and join the conversation! 

Learn from our experts with our online video Master Classes, lead by verified mega-influencers who are dedicated to help you build your social career.

Boost Your Account
Get Growth & Gain Instant Credibility 
Gain More Instagram Followers
With the Boosted+ Membership, access the fastest & safest way to skyrocket your Instagram account. Gain 1,000+ real followers per month.
Managed by our team, we are committed to help your audience grow.
Free E-book
How to Gain Financial Freedom
E-Book- How to Gain Financial Freedom with Social Influencer Career
Learn How to Influence Your Way to Financial Freedom with 10 key industry tips written by social marketing experts. Instantly download after activating your membership. 

Make Money
Earn Commission for Every Product you Sell
Earn Commission for Every Product you Sell
Start earning passive income like iiNFLUENCER @sammypur by unlocking the exclusive Hotel Collection campaign upon activation.

A Few Brands We Partner With:

Ema Savahl Couture, Blinc Cosmetics, Hotel Collection, Voice Command, Blass, Pretty Vulgar


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is iINFLUENCED an influencer agency?
• Agencies usually take a 20-50% commission from the influencer on all brand deals; we do not charge the influencer any commission.
• We are a network that connects brands with influencers.
• You are in control; we are in your corner.

How can iINFLUENCED help me?
• We find brands tailored to your niche.
• We connect you with our curated community of influencers.
• We give you the resources you need to succeed.
• We work with the most coveted brands.
• We curate deals tailored to your brand.
• We create a customized growth strategy for you.

Why is there a monthly membership fee?
• We offer the most innovative technology for influencers to gain insight on their audience, while building relationships with like-minded brands.
• We negotiate rates and contracts on your behalf.
• We offer a variety of virtual courses with top industry leaders, to further your knowledge as an influencer.
• We curate 4 national campaigns a year where members can earn commissions for every product sold.
• Membership perks after 2 consecutive months include 6 Lifestyle boxes containing 4-5 items that members receive at no additional cost.
Can I cancel my membership?
• Yes, we are a month-to-month membership-based community, you can cancel whenever you’d like.
Am I eligible to be an iINFLUENCED influencer?
• You must be 18 years or older to apply, currently open to U.S. residents only.
• Our eligibility requirements revolve around content, engagement, target audience, organic following, audience credibility, and geographic location.
• Once we have closely reviewed your profile, you will receive an email on whether you have been accepted or not. Currently we are accepting influencers with over 1,000 followers.
• Please email contactsupport@iinfluenced.com for any additional questions or concerns.

How do I get paid once I become an influencer?
• We securely pay all our influencer commissions via PayPal weekly and monthly. 
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